Momentum With Seismic: Financial Services Customer Success Stories

Room: Revolution

Hear from Federated Investors and Brandes Investment Partners in this Financial Services Activity-Based Enablement breakout session.

Supporting Large Asset Manager’s
Institutional Sales Effort
Brandes Investment Partners
Success Story

The Federated Investors’ marketing team was increasingly receiving more complex requests for data-driven content and needed to find a way to make the assembly and distribution of these high value materials easier and quicker.   They also saw opportunity to automate their quarterly materials to speed up the compliance approval process and distribution. Jen McSorley and her team at Federated had a vision to overhaul the current system to increase the ROI of their sales content by removing redundancies, giving marketing more time to deliver content that helps sales win.

In this session, learn how Jen McSorley led the adoption of Seismic at Federated Investments to:

  • Make data work less manual, reduce compliance review times and automating the assembly of sales materials
  • Increase marketing efficiencies without adding to staff
  • Deliver content to sellers based on situational context

Brandes Investment Partners were automating materials through SQL server reporting services. Technology was a barrier for the marketing team to create materials and the data lived in multiple places. In conjunction with a project to develop an enterprise data warehouse, Brandes integrated with Seismic to supercharge their content creation, automation, and distribution abilities.

In this session, Kate Ward and Deon Schaffer will share:

  • How to automate pitch books and fact sheets in multiple languages using a variety of integrations with Seismic
  • Tips on organizing your data to maximize its effectiveness for automation in Seismic
  • Examples of projects where integrating with Seismic led to 75% reduction in work and shortened time to market by 90%
Breakout Session Financial Services: Momentum With Seismic