Keynote: Mary Shea, Forrester

Room: The Edge

B2B Buyers Mandate A New Charter For Marketing And Sales
Accelerate Alignment Or Get Left Behind

The world has changed for B2B sales people. There are more stakeholders involved in the evaluation process than ever before, resulting in longer, more complex sales cycles. Combined with the desensitization of buyers due to message overload, the increased skepticism towards B2B sellers, and the behavioral preference of buying online (75% of B2B buyers prefer to transact online when they know what they want to purchase and 70% say buying from a website is more convenient than dealing with a sales person), the result can be overwhelming.

B2B sellers will need a wider range of skills, to be digitally adept, and have access to modern sales tools. Marketing and sales collaboration is more important than ever, as B2B sellers must partner with marketers to win, serve and retain customers – not just today but in the future.